The Slater Society

The Slater Society is home to an ongoing research on the parallels between virtual and physical communication networks through the course of three events: the beginning of Industry in North America, Conceptual Art and the Internet.

The archive includes field recordings, texts, photos, photogrammetric 3D models and interviews featuring Michael A. Crang, Robert Barry, Niall Head-Rapson & Kelly Hudson, Albert Klyberg, Kenneth Goldsmith and Lance Wakeling among others.

This project is an initiative of Rubén Grilo. With the support of Fundación Botín (2013), and the participation of CIRCA Projects - Henry Moore Foundation and Arts Council of England (2013).

Special thanks to Kathy Claredon, Ruth and the staff of the John Brown House, Irene Blais and The Rhode Island Historical Society, Susie Rodríguez Guzmán, Marco Segurado, Arnau Bosc, Gabriel Pericàs, Sarah Demeuse in New York, Thom O’Nions and Adam Phillips in London, Dawn Bothwell, Sam Watson, Michael Mulvihill and Adam Thomas in Newcastle.

For further information: [email protected]